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Introducing, “Ramadan Roundup with Ilyas & Duck!” a joint production between the Minaretein Center and LBK Studios. The Minaretein Center (member of Qatar Foundation) has partnered with Ilyas & Duck, from the popular Ilyas & Duck children’s book series, to bring you an activities-based Ramadan goodness experience for the whole family.

As part of the annual Al-Saa’im Al-Sagheer program, the Minaretein Center delivers a unique Ramadan activation aimed at children 11 years old and below. Ramadan Roundup with Ilyas & Duck, inspired by the eponymous book characters, is an online animated mini-series program to help guide kids to create the best version of themselves by adopting good habits and doing good deeds. You and your kids will be able to interact directly and ask questions of some of the animated characters. How fun!

The mini-series will be broadcasting on the Minaretein Center’s YouTube channel everyday during Ramadan. Each episode will end with a Goodness (self awareness and self-improvement) challenge for the kids to work on at home. This is a unique and exciting way to engage kids everyday during Ramadan in a positive and productive way. This program is open to anyone in the world.

About the Minaretein Center
The Minaretein Center, a member of Qatar Foundation, serves under the mandate of the Community Development Directorate.

To be the leading community-focused center for lifelong learning based on Islam’s universal, ethical, and moral values, both in Qatar and the region.

Empowering communities by providing values-based guidance and opportunities for cultivating spiritual growth and ethical consciousness.

About LBK Studios
LBK Studios is a subsidiary of Little Big Kids, LLC , a children’s media company based in Washington D.C. and Doha. Through a range of character media and experiences, LBK Studios aim is to create globally recognizable cartoon characters for young Muslim kids through content and experiences that cross cultural boundaries to extend their appeal beyond just the global Muslim community. The Ilyas & Duck characters is our first cartoon franchise.

About Ilyas & Duck
Ilyas & Duck is a values-based children’s cartoon character brand primarily aimed at young Muslim kids and families. The Ilyas & Duck characters were created as an entertainment-first solution to the preachy, insular, and didactic content for young Muslim kids that is so prevalent today. Ilyas & Duck is also a global-minded solution to today’s content that is oftentimes only regionally appealing and leaves much to be desired in terms of well developed characters and storylines. As such, today’s approach to content for young Muslim kids has a limited appeal, intended impact, and commercial viability across the global Muslim consumer market.

The Ilyas & Duck brand launched in Washington D.C. in 2012 with a children’s picture book titled, “Ilyas & Duck Search for Allah.” This story became an instant global classic and was soon followed by several other stories of equal success and recognition.

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